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Fresh for Real

Hydroponic Life® is innovating the way we grow, and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Using our patented hydroponic systems, growing processes and zero mile commercial growing strategy, we reduce water, land, energy, transportation times and costs, significantly lowering the carbon foot of produce farming.     
Picking your fruit and vegetables straight from the farm would be ideal, but impractical. Hydroponic Life® has brought the farm to you within your local grocery store. Hydroponic Life® created a unique pick your own fresh fruit and vegetable shopping experience. Our patented systems allow customers like you to pick their produce still growing from the vine. Imagine aisles of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries all growing in your favorite grocer. It just doesn’t get any fresher or more nutritious than that.
This sound like a great idea doesn’t it?
What if we could take this a step further and give the customer the ability to see real-time when the plants were planted how long they have been growing, which nutrients, pesticides, and water solutions were used to grow it. But wait! What if your phone could tell you when the produce you wanted will be ripe or even degrees of ripeness, think bananas and avocados? Using Intranet of Things technologies and connectivity this is a now a reality.
Our systems are designed to be versatile, scalable, producing higher yields of fruits and vegetables in the smallest amount of space giving us the ability to use the same on demand systems in other industries. Hospitals, schools, universities, restaurants, federal institutions, fixed and mobile military bases are just a few of the markets that will benefit from or on demand farming systems. Current farmers will be able to benefit from our systems as well. Converting existing farms to hydroponic systems is easy and will improve the existing farm land without chemicals or fertilizers.
Internationally our systems can fight world hunger, we are already enjoying interest from several 2nd and 3rd world countries looking into our patented technologies to reduce hunger and food costs for their countries, and we are on the front lines of the war against hunger. Our next generation of systems is already on the drawing board, and will incorporate solar power systems, and atmospheric water collection systems, to combat hunger in the most hostile of climates.
The Bottom Line
Hydroponic Life® is disrupting the green grocer, and traditional supermarket industries. Our systems provide the freshest, most nutritious, fruits and vegetables you can buy. We reduce food production costs, eliminate transportation times and costs, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of produce farming. Our patented systems and growing processes dramatically lower food waste costs.
Let us show you how we can implement our systems in your stores, giving your customers the unique experience of picking there own living produce.