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Our Philosophy

My Partner and I started Hydroponic Life® on a simple premise “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, knowledge is the best charity.” 授人以魚不如授人以漁 (zh), 授人以鱼不如授人以渔 this is the original quote in Mandarin
Based on this concept we have created a business concept that not only gives people the ability, equipment and knowledge to grow and keep growing their own food but allows them to provide for themselves.
This in and of itself is a charity of knowledge. We strive not only to teach people how to grow food but in turn try to help them grow in thier own lives helping them reach their full potential. Or slogan “Teaching the World How to Grow” is not just about growing your own food but is at the core value of our company. We want to see everyone succeed in their full potential as well. We love to see people succeed.
What We Do
Hydroponic Life® using cutting edge hydroponic technology we are able to grow larger amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, using no soil, 85% less water, and far less space and energy than traditional farming.
Ondemand Farms
Our Ondemand Farms division designs, develops and implements live growing, pick your own, solutions to Major Grocery Chains, Educational, Military, and Correctional Facilities.
Hydroponic Life Commercial Services
Our Commercial Produce Division provides consulting, design and implementation to commercial growers of all sizes from small one acre farms to the largest commercial hydroponic facilities. Contact us today about our commercial services